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Maryiarmstrong 1 day ago

The Divine Bovine

Ordering chicken in a burger joint?! You betcha! The breast was crispy, golden brown outside and tender and juicy inside. It was served over a bed of the famous triple cooked fries! Delicious!

Maryiarmstrong 2 days ago

100% Beef Burger

OMG! This has to be the best burger in Tucson if not in all of Arizona. Crispy bacon and grilled onions are piled on top of the tastiest beef patty! Go with a big appetite because it's a filling meal. Service is excellent!

Jeanetteb11 11 days ago

Flying Buffalo

By far the BEST burger joint in Tucson!! Sooooooo DELICIOUS!

Racinggirl2 13 days ago

100% Beef Burger

Best burger I've had in a long time in Tucson! Thoroughly enjoyed it with fries and a beer! Will be back to try other items on the menu! The service was also wonderful!

Grethetrondsen 15 days ago

Big Dipper Burger

This burger is SO good. Everything just works great together. Definitely one of my favorites.

Richard 15 days ago

Flying Buffalo

Super flavorful! Totally recommend subbing in the Buttermilk Fried Chicken for the protein. Cooked to perfection, even with all the sauces and toppings the crispiness held up. Wash it down with a beer!

Jennifer 16 days ago

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

I was so pleased with the amazing flavors of this and how I had it made with seared chicken-so juicy, generous portion- on a bed of greens. Will get it again!

Tara 20 days ago

Roast Beef Fries

These are amazing! Had them last night and am thinking about going back for more right now!

Calico567 24 days ago

Buttermilk Fried or Seared Chicken Breast

Huge portion, looking delicious as served, crunchy, yummy buttermilk fried and when taking first bite, I found a very moist, delicious breast. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Can't wait for my next visit!!

Kdegenn1 28 days ago

Flying Buffalo

Burger was great! Mix of fries and chips was perfect to share!

Juliangonzalez801 about 1 month ago

Funny Farm Hand

Funny Farm Hand features a delicious combination of sweet and salty. The addition off jam, pickles, peanut butter, bacon and cheese is tasty and melts in your mouth. I have ordered this burger over 10 times and am never tired of it! Thank you Divine Bovine for creating this delicious burger!

Brick87 about 1 month ago

100% Beef Burger

The best burger ever!

Crystalkat17 about 1 month ago

Magic Mushroom Burger

One of my favorites at this burger joint!!...I used to think Fuddruckers was my favorite place but damn I was so wrong!!..Everyone that asks recommendations for somewhere to eat I always direct them to this place!!!..Portions are great,Staff is friendly and the food is absolutely amazing!!...

Cathye85710 about 1 month ago

The Divine Bovine

Delicious delicious delicious what else can I say and the service was perfect. I hope I win!

Kgvb7 about 2 months ago

Broccoli Salad

I loved this salad. The sweet pop from the cranberries was great with the big pieces of bacon, onion, and almonds. Great addition to my meal

Kgvb7 about 2 months ago

Magic Mushroom Burger

This burger is wonderful. The meat was juicy and cooked to perfection. This is a big burger and is certainly filling. I was totally pleased with my burger experience and look forward to returning and trying other burgers on the menu.

Esmeraldalozoya about 2 months ago

Mushroom Onion Bacon Fries

love the combinacion of flavors

Slaker2k2 about 2 months ago

The Farmers Burger

This was one of the best burgers I've had! The fries were great too! Can't wait to try something different next time.

Jenniferalz about 2 months ago

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

It was my first time eating at Divine Bovine and was a challenge deciding which culinary burger to choose. The staff was helpful in answering questions about the triple fried fries and options. My medium rare I'll Be Your Huckleberry was truly devine and cooked perfectly.

Julie about 2 months ago

Funny Farm Hand

It's weird, because you wouldn't think peanut butter belongs on a burger, but it does. 100%. Would definitely recommend.

Burrowingowlsusan 2 days ago

Roast Beef Fries

Those are some BEEFY fries! Wow. I wasn't expecting this. I said surprise me. This will now be my go-to until the next surprise me! Thank you for quality food serviced with a smile.

Chenley21 3 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

The Funny Farm Hand might be my new favorite burger at Divine Bovine. The balance between the peanut butter and jalapeño raspberry jam is perfect. The candied bacon and spicy pickles are also a nice touch! The Mac N Cheese and Fries are also superb. When you go to Divine Bovine you can expect a couple things: 1) A damn good burger. 2) Extremely generous portions. My only suggestion would be to add a combo for a burger, fries, and drink. Otherwise, be prepared for the best burger in Tucson.

1esteewest 13 days ago

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

This is my Favorite! Best Gourmet Burger in the state of Arizona!!!

Dennis1716 15 days ago

100% Beef Burger

Best burger I have ever had. I can't wait to return for another one. The fries are uniquely prepared, delicious, and not to be found anywhere else. Don't forget to order the Brussels sprouts, you'll be delighted. If I could I think I'd dine at Divine at Bovine every week, but of course they'd have to make the door wider. Please treat yourself to Divine Bovine, you won't be sorry, and you'll be like me, dreaming of what to order on the next visit.

Richard 15 days ago

Hot Mess Fries

A meal in and of itself! Subbed in the sweet potato fries to balance out all the heat. Sweetness of the fries stood up and complimented the peppers and saucy, cheesy gooeyness. Wash it down with a beer!

Richard 15 days ago

Dry Heat

Spicy deliciousness, but there is nothing dry about this Capital J Juicy burger. Moderate heat, with good balance and flavor. Wash it down with a beer!

Tara 20 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

This burger is legit. I usually try any peanut butter burger that presents itself. This one was hands down the best one yet. The pairing with the jalapeno raspberry jam is what really makes it, but every taste stands out on it's own in each bite. I might add their sherry butter onions next time, but it's perfect just as it is!

D4crowley 22 days ago

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

awesome dish, the flavors blended so well together, great complement to the tasty burger.

Arkershner 25 days ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

It was really good! I loved how juicy it was. The service was great too.

Peggyshan 29 days ago

Poutine Burger

I have tried several burgers and they were all amazing. The putine is one of my favorites. You can go wrong here and the staff makes the experience even better

Shanay about 1 month ago

The Cheese Burger

The food was amazing and the staff was very helpful. I will definitely go back.

Discmastabill about 1 month ago

Divine Sauce

If I didn't like just women I would totally marry this burger! Then i would make sweet sweet love to it. I just can't get enough.

James about 1 month ago

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

When you walk through the and here Hello- you know you are your kind of place. Looking over the burger menu is mind over load- the mind tease of flavors that mixed these items and hamburger is a fantic. Being a old west reenactor in Tombstone, I just had to try this I'll Be your Huckleberry. Doc would have love to sink his teeth into this burger. The minute you stretch your mouth and bite down your taste buds explode, as a mixture of the perfectly blend of garnish on top of a burger patty with so much flavor, your mind goes blank just to enjoy this incredible foody moment. Then comes the best kept secret, mouth watering fries. These are not just ordinary get anywhere fries, these are made with perfection with a flavor so good, you will not find them anywhere but right here. Come hungry! Come to treat your taste buds and your soul.

Upinyajj about 2 months ago

100% Farm Raised Arizona Ground Bison

I have eaten at a lot of burger places But I keep coming back here since a friend of mine introduced me to Divine Bovine so fresh and friendly staff that take care of you ! Taking my daughter today because I talk about it all the time!

Kgvb7 about 2 months ago

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

OMG Who thought Brussel sprouts could ever taste like this. WOW Wow WOW.These are something to shout about.

Skoch1129 about 2 months ago

Dry Heat

I had the Dry Heat burger with the Impossible Veggie Patty ..... OMG BEST BURGER I'VE EVER HAD. The portion was generous and the flavors were great. Definitely will recommend this place to friends and family 👍

Esmeraldalozoya about 2 months ago

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

Love it! my favorite . Love the meat, roasted peppers, reduce balsamic. incredible!

Marilyn about 2 months ago

Guac You Know About Green Chili?

Guac, Huckleberry, Poutine, Mushroom, Dry Heat, 5B...every single one never disappoints. No matter which ones we've ordered, we are always satisfied. It's like a child. You tell each one that they are the favorite, but you love them equally. Husband says it's a "foodgasmic" experience. We drive all the way from Vail and it's always worth the trip. The icing on the cake is the customer service we receive. You can feel the love that each burger received when it was being made. We tell every person we know about this most divine heavenly place. If there was a burger heaven, this would be the place.

Kenchurley5 about 2 months ago

Guac You Know About Green Chili?

Best burger I think I've ever put in my mouth! I'm looking forward to going again really soon.

Lonniev0621 about 2 months ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

Bovine is a cross between fast food service, a restaurant and chipotle options. They make everything fresh and right in front of you. Did I mention they have perfected the gourmet burger.


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