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Mgsissy 3 days ago

100% Beef Burger

The best burger I've ever had in my 46 yrs of life!! The meat is amazing!! The variety of toppings are divine!! Next time I'll try something different.

T Djmilkcrate 6 days ago

Fried Pickles

They were great my first time trying with ranch omg fav.

T Djmilkcrate 6 days ago

Big Dipper Burger

Another one of my fav.s dont know if its #1 or #2 on my list πŸ’―πŸ”₯❀

Littleminnow19 6 days ago

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are pretty much my favorite food, but lots of folks just don't do them justice. These sprouts, though, were spot on! Perfectly cooked, flavorful, and just greasy enough to hide the "there are vitamins in this" factor from my kids!

Econtreras421 8 days ago

Fries With a Gravy / Sauce

Omg sooo delicious!

Ruskay 9 days ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

Great quality burgers and awesome sides. In addition to killer fries, they have some amazing mac and cheese! I haven't tried the crispy brussel sprouts yet, but I plan to on my next visit. This is a great restaurant proudly run by a local owner. Give it a try!

Seahawk31 11 days ago

100% Beef Burger

I've been to Divine Bovine 5 different times, I always order the Burger, and have never been disappointed. Great service, great sides, my wife loves the Brussel Sprouts and sweet potato fries.

Stuart76minion 14 days ago

100% Beef Burger

The Funny Farm Hand is our FAVORITE burger ever. The bacon, onions, cheese, jam and peanut butter yes peanut butter makes this the most amazing burger. You have to try it. My husband finally did and it is now his go to burger when we go . Also the fries and brussel sprouts. YUM

Katiealesstto 17 days ago

Big Dipper Burger

Best burger I've ever had, hands down. Can't wait to try more of your creations.

Katbmess 18 days ago

The Cheese Burger

Amazing burgers! I came with friends and we all tried different ones, while I ordered the cheese burger I got to sample many others, including the Farmer and Divine! They're giant and messy and paired perfectly with the unique soft drinks. Options for vegetarians and non-red meat eaters!

Taragryszkin 21 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

Best burger ever, was scared to try the PB &J but it was totally worth it.

Timjohn1379 29 days ago

100% Beef Burger

Good burgers and friendly staff

Bhilli about 1 month ago

Impossible Veggie Burger

Impossible burger on salad greens with 5B toppings (except bacon) plus dill pickles -- the best! Makes 2 meals if I can stop from eating it all at once:)

Joeharb81 about 1 month ago

100% Beef Burger

We had the burger, french fries, fried pickles and mac n' cheese and everything was delicious. Will be back soon.

Lacylovett about 2 months ago

100% Beef Burger

Divine Bovine is amazing!! I love everything on the menu. The attention to detail is what puts them over the top! Each sauce is flavorful and enhances the food perfectly.

Cleverkimscurios about 2 months ago

The Farmers Burger

I saw that someone from Tucson Foodie recommended this place (and, I believe, this burger). I've been craving a "fancy" burger for a while so we went today. I swapped out the Divine sauce for BBQ sauce because I'm picky about condiments. This burger was so freaking good, y'all. It was cooked perfectly and service was great, helpful, friendly yet unobtrusive, all that good stuff you want when you go out. We got fries and buns this time but we're happy to see that the menu is also very Keto-friendly, with multiple lower carb options for sides. We'll definitely be back!

Portillohm 2 months ago

Funny Farm Hand

First time here and loved it! I tried somerging new with the Funny Farm Hand and I was impressed. Love the taste.

Shandriac 2 months ago

Poutine Burger

Love this burger! Bacon was cooked well and flavor was amazing!!! The generous helping of fries and cheese is sure to fill you up if the burger doesn't but it will.

Pmcarlson520 2 months ago

Poutine Burger

My son loved the Poutine burger - it is huge and recommend you get it cut in half - easier to eat and to save half for later. I had the lettuce wrapped cheeseburger. Again very big - having it cut in half gets the burger cut but the large leafs of lettuce are not cut.

Maryiarmstrong 3 months ago

The Divine Bovine

Ordering chicken in a burger joint?! You betcha! The breast was crispy, golden brown outside and tender and juicy inside. It was served over a bed of the famous triple cooked fries! Delicious!

Tlhernan105 4 days ago

The Cheese Burger

My husband and I ordered this burger, our son recommended this restaurant and he told us that it is one of the best burgers he has tried, and he is correct. we like our burger a lot, the flavor, we asked beef well medium and they were cooked at that point. The other thing is they do have a pretty good customer service, the food was ready in time and Jenny called me to ask something about the fries and cheese. We really recommend this place!!!!!!

T Djmilkcrate 6 days ago


Im a fry snob these here are candy

T Djmilkcrate 6 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

I never knew how good peanutbutter brings out a burger πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Xagentchandlerx 7 days ago

100% Beef Burger

I LOVE this place. I crave it often and try to come at least once or twice a month. My favourite is the Ill be your huckleberry. Theres not to many places serving items with goat cheese and this burger is amaaaazing. They have consistant good service and ive never experienced any problem with the food.

Reerictay 9 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

Heard about this burger joint..pssssh, more like burger heaven. What a culinary delight for my family. Ordered two Funny Farm Hand burgers 😍 two cheeseburgers & a Bruce Lee burger. Added two orders of fries & an order of wings. You're located next to Beyond Bread.. y'all need to be known as Beyond burgers, because you are. I had tried a pb burger at another establishment & was proud I got out of my comfort zone but not venturing back to pb burgers UNTIL a coworker told me about yours. I'm sold! Thank you for providing great, affordable food. I'll be back πŸ”

Vid2u 11 days ago

The Farmers Burger

Had this with grilled chicken on a bed of mac & cheese! Yum! I have been going here since the first week they opened and recommended this place to over a dozen people. Everyone has really liked it! I have eaten there, over a couple dozen times. Outstanding! food and service! Ken Weaver

Johnandcathyblack 12 days ago

Buttermilk Fried or Seared Chicken Breast

Great food and service. Great value too!

Bhutson 16 days ago

I'll Be Your Huckleberry

I love everything i have ever had here. The burgers, the fries, the pickles, everything!

Micheledutiellynch 18 days ago


And Farmers, Big Dipper and Beef tip fries. I must say my 5B was amazing; great taste, great value. The flavor was out of this world. HOWEVER, since we had to take our food to go, by the time we got home, the bottom bun was soggy and I had juices running down my arms as I was eating it. Since all of your food is to go, I would suggest maybe draining a little juice before packaging it.

Bri 19 days ago

100% Beef Burger

Absolutely delicious! I've been looking for a really good burger in town and these have absolutely topped the list. I'll be coming here whenever I need my burger fix.

Shaun 21 days ago

100% Beef Burger

Divine Bovine is the best burger I have ever had in Tucson, or from anywhere else for that matter. Their buns have just the right amount of flavor, but once you get to the inside of the burger, it's the juiciest burger you will ever have. They have a points machine called mobile bytes. Due to us going there so often, we got so many free meals out of it, I guess you can say we're regulars. Don't forget to order some fries or some mac and cheese! Those are some tasty sides as well!

Jacotabillz about 1 month ago

100% Beef Burger


Joeharb81 about 1 month ago

Guac You Know About Green Chili?

Had this item with grilled chicken and it was awesome. Also had some tator tots which were great.

Kbcrowley about 1 month ago

100% Beef Burger

We were visiting from Boston a few week ago and experienced the best burger and sides that we have ever had. The beef was flavorful, juicy and what a hamburger should taste like. My husbands favorite dish is prime rib with horseradish sauce and the burger with the horseradish sauce and crispy onion ringlets stacked up to that. The sides were to die for and we tried 3, the Brussels sprouts that were so sweet and cooked to perfection the potatoes balls and sweet potatoes fries. I wish we live closer. Thank you for a job well done, we miss you already.

Carpentersteven573 about 2 months ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

The best beef and bacon . The service was great especially since it was my first time going there. Staff was very nice and was helpful with my questions.

Tifereth about 2 months ago

100% Beef Burger

Mooooo! This place rocks! Ben and his crew serve it up proving the cow has arrived. Party I was with were on a search for the best burger in the "Old Pueblo". This is the second time to DB, and we crown it KING. Kristen was as sweet as could be taking orders up front, even down for a hug when we left...nice touch :) We "hitched" ourselves to DivBo and will be back! Kudos!!

Shandriac 2 months ago

Buffalo Ranch Fries

I'm not a fan of spicy food but I could not stop eating these fries. They are super spicy but the flavor combination is out of this world. Sweet, Cheesy, and Spicy all at once. Yum!

Home 2 months ago

Pattie's Meltdown

Outstanding burger, perfectly seasoned, flavorful and huge. Bring your appetite. We also ordered the Brussels sprouts which were outstanding. The service was excellent too. My new favorite!

Pmcarlson520 2 months ago

Bowl of Pickles

very nice light coating - best fried pickles

Burrowingowlsusan 3 months ago

Roast Beef Fries

Those are some BEEFY fries! Wow. I wasn't expecting this. I said surprise me. This will now be my go-to until the next surprise me! Thank you for quality food serviced with a smile.


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