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Jimenez080180 7 days ago

Buttermilk Fried or Seared Chicken Breast

I love the chicken sandwich, the chicken is juicy and crispy. The homemade pickles are delicious. This sandwich is well put together and it is huge so come hungry! Also the fries and the horchata are yummy. Well worth a visit.

Spavone23 12 days ago

Hot Mess Fries

We had "the burger", the "divine bovine burger", and the hot mess frys. I'm at a loss of words. It was more than amazing. The angus beef-perfectly cooked and mouth watering.. those frys tho!!!! All the right tastes, sweet, savory, cheesy, spicy. I'm dying to go back! This place is a must try! Please open one on the northwest side!!!!

Hrdingk9girl 19 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

We heard good things about Divine Bovine and it did NOT disappoint! Amazing burgers, incredible fries and great service. I can't recommend this place enough! We will definitely be back!

Anzawacki05 22 days ago


It was our first time here and I had the 5B burger and it was TO DIE FOR!! It was like a party in my mouth!!! The French fries were also amazing!! Can't wait to go back again! Top burger and fry joint in town!

Oobaggin 26 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

🏆This burger will change ya whole life. I've been coming here since they opened and this is my go to hitter. When you first think of pb&j on a burger there's definitely some eye brow raising, but have no fear. THIS IS THE LORDS BURGER! After demolishing one of the smackers, you'll experience a belly full high no nirvana could reach. One extra perk is the staff takes notice to there regulars which makes every pit stop a whole lot better.

Redwrter 28 days ago

Funny Farm Hand

This burger is amazing! It has completely changed the way I view my burger experience! I put peanut butter and jelly on my burgers at home now. It's so good. Definitely recommend!

Imj142 30 days ago

Pattie's Meltdown

Crispy, tasty sourdough surrounding a wonderfully juicy burger with a tasty sauce. It was honestly one of the better burgers I've had in a long while. Coupled this with some very well made fries and a couple of beers. A very solid meal for sure.

Photoambrosia about 1 month ago


This was an amazing burger! I havent had a great burger like this in years. So worth the the wait and money. Even the soda pop, which Ive never had before was really good. I was very surpised. I highly recommend Divine Bovine.

Dshindsley about 1 month ago

The Cheese Burger

Although I've had a couple of their other burgers, which are each great and definitely worth trying, I decided today to have just a plain cheese burger without any fancy toppings or sauces. It was no surprise to find that this burger was just as great as the others. A cheddar cheese burger has to be my favorite choice with a side of their awesome double fried potato chips (topped with their cheesy gravy 😋). Those chips go really well if you happen to slip a few on to the burger too.

Chelseasnyder22 about 1 month ago

The Divine Bovine

This place has the best cheeseburgers! I love that they will serve the burgers over fries! The fried pickles are also amazing. I wish they were open on Sundays

Ddonaldson about 1 month ago

Mac and Cheese

They make the BEST Mac and cheese I have tasted in quite a while. Also they make excellent burgers that are tasty and worth biting into. Most delicious. We won't go to but one other place but here.

Briamonte3 about 1 month ago

Good Night Kiss

These are not burgers. They are magical, glorious meat angels!! I have tried every burger on the menu and with every new burger I have a new favorite! The flavor combinations are inspired. Every ingredient compliments the next. Whoever came up with these burger flavors is either a scientist or a witch. Either way, a million thumbs up!!

Matthewball503 about 1 month ago

100% Beef Burger

I tried the Funny Farm Hand, with peanut butter and jelly on the burger. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first. But, WOW that's an AMAZING burger! And the triple fried fries are awesome! Everything I ate was perfect. The food is made to order, so the quality is excellent. Also, Divine Bovine has the Impossible Veggie Burgers for all the vegans and vegetarians out there. So, there really is no excuse left if you haven't tried Divine Bovine yet. I love this place!

Tiwproduction about 2 months ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

Tasty burger, great fries! A+ for sure! Will be back soon.

Fantasticalhandley about 2 months ago

Funny Farm Hand

This odd burger totally worked. Tasty and crazy in a "that was an experience" sort of way. Definitely worth it if you like peanuts, thai food, or are generally adventurous.

Vivasnancy about 2 months ago

The Divine Bovine

I tried this place out yesterday for the first time and ordered the Divine Bovine with a side of triple fried french fries. It was absolutely delicious. It's a big burger for the price and a generous amount of fries. The onions and beef on this particular burger with the tomato jam really sold it for me. It was just the perfect juicy burger. Visiting here again for sure! May try the Bruce Lee next!

Reneedanielsccllabs 2 months ago

Magic Mushroom Burger

Best burger ive found in tucson, very juicy and well worth the money

Smboles 2 months ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

Best burger I've had in a pretty long time and I'm very picky about the way my burgers are done.

Deepanuthal 2 months ago

Buttermilk Fried or Seared Chicken Breast

Burger was super delicious! I don't eat beef due to my religion so I was happy there were other options for chicken lovers!

Grethetrondsen 2 months ago

The Farmers Burger

Heckin delicious! 10/10 would recommend. I get it every time and it is always perfect.

G 8 days ago

The Divine Bovine

This was more than just a burger, it was an amazingly, flavorful experience for my taste buds! I thoroughly enjoyed it each and found myself savoring every morsel of this delicious piece of heaven. I can't truly explain in words just how good this burger simply MUST have one and see for yourself!

Ld 12 days ago

100% Beef Burger

OMG this was amazing! The food, atmosphere and staff were all perfect. The roast beef fries were almost a meal in themselves. Staff was fun, interactive and helpful with menu choices. Will definitely be back!

Mcastorena 21 days ago

100% Beef Burger

First time going. I had the Farmers Burger (couldn't find it in the drop down adoption) with fries on the side. It was udderly delicious! I'll have to go back!

Marissadesp3 26 days ago

Poutine Burger

This burger is my #1. For the first time in my life, DB saved me the step of adding fries to my burger. Gorgeously stacked with a hefty juicy beef patty, delicious sherry buttered onions, green onions for crunch, thick cuts of bacon, and their OG fries topped with cheese sauce. Give yourself the experience of eating a burger the way God intended-messy.

Crlynn1321 28 days ago

Guac You Know About Green Chili?

Very messy but great flavor! I would not have the mayo on it next time. The burger was cooked perfectly.

Donnaralston111 29 days ago


There were 6 in our group 2 kids Everyone raved about the food.. Even the Kids.. Thank you Divine Bovine for a great.eating experience for our out of town guests...I am deciding what to order today..Lol.

Gtwitty420 30 days ago

Magic Mushroom Burger

Loved the beef...I'm not a burger kind of person but the guys wanted & I can't wait to go again...while here from Indiana

Red about 1 month ago

Impossible Veggie Burger

The burgers here are SO good. The Impossible Burger was so convincing i actually thought initially my order had been mixed up. The tomato jam is delicious and the sides are so good it's hard to choose just one. I'm having a baby 11/1 and I've already decided that my first post-birth meal is coming from Devine Bovine!

Otisray about 1 month ago

Poutine Burger

Awesome burger! Great flavor combinations and putting fries on it, perfection! Great menu lots of choices great beers, love this place!

Svparker67 about 1 month ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

These burgers are amazing!! We brought them back to our hotel room and they were still warm, wish we would have known about them the first time we came to Tucson!!! Going back again the day before we leave !!!

Jan about 1 month ago

Dry Heat

I'm obsessed with this burger!

Perrograndea2z about 1 month ago


the best burger i have ever had, and i LOVE burgers, we will be back, everything very fresh and good, the place is clean and the help is very Friendly and EXCELLENT SERVICE, IT ROCKS KUDOS TO THE NEW BURGER PLACE IN TOWN PEACE

Hartungenator about 2 months ago

The Farmers Burger

The Farmer's Burger leaves nothing to be desired - it is 100% satisfying. The egg is a glorious touch that takes the burger to a whole new level. The pork belly is scrumptious and provides a unique flavor experience. Highly recommended.

Pmb about 2 months ago

Dry Heat

That burger has the perfect amount of heat. It was delicious, made my mouth tingle a little, and left a mess on the plate.

Bossmangirault about 2 months ago

Funny Farm Hand

Amazing burger!!! Definitely will be returning!

Sassy 2 months ago

100% Beef Burger

Perfectly cooked. Bun was nicely toasted. Burger was juicy and well seasoned. Dill pickles were delicious. Only criticisim, is I wish it had a little more of the sauce!

Kathleen 2 months ago

Bacon Cheese Burger

When it comes to good hamburgers I give Divine Bovine a BIG TEN!!! Without a doubt the most delicious and well-prepared hamburger on the planet! Every ingredient was fresh and high quality and the meat was cooked perfectly.. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and will be back soon!!

Jojen20 2 months ago

The Farmers Burger

It was amazing! First time here and it did not disappoint. We also tried the mushroom onion fries and the kids cheeseburger. Everything was hot and fresh! The prickly pear soda was very good. We will definitely be back!

Cbyoung1 2 months ago

Pattie's Meltdown

Outstanding. The combination of using three different meats makes it the most flavorful hamburger I've ever had. Very unique. The triple cooked fries were excellent. Hush puppies excellent not greasy at all.


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